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6 Ways to Delight Yacht Inspection Customers

Paul Grieselhuber

Paul Grieselhuber

Apr 9, 2024

Oh good - a spreadsheet printout to keep track of!

Said nobody ever. The marine industry does not exactly move fast in terms of technological shift, but that doesn’t mean your customers want to catch the brunt of it. If you are not yet using software tools that are built specifically around your workflows and deliverables, and if you are still using spreadsheets, clipboards and printouts to manage your yacht inspections, you are leaving money on the table and underwhelming your customers. Here are 6 quick reasons that you should put your customer’s perspective first, and leap ahead of the competition.

1) Immediacy of Progress reports & results

You will have experienced the immediate satisfaction of an update or a result using software; an order being ready for pickup, the availability of a test result, shipping notifications, etc.

These features exist for lots of reasons, but one of them is customer delight. Being aware of the change in status of something important to you is objectively valuable.

When your yacht inspection process is digitized, you enable the same positive sentiment for your customers. For a customer base used to getting what it wants, that can’t be bad thing.

2) Simplifying Reporting and compliance

Compliance needs vary widely across geographies and by situation, but having to keep track of paper never makes it easier.

The same is true of reporting requirements. The world has simply moved on from paper, spreadsheets and stitched-together solutions.

Your customers are right to expect for you to have a well-engineered, easy-to-use solution that does not put these burdens on them.

3) Trustworthiness of results

You have a well-defined yacht inspection process that ensures accurate, high-quality and repeatable results, time and time again.

Every member of your team knows it, and it is the bedrock of your organization.

The problem is that your customer doesn’t have visibility into this, and your competitor makes exactly the same assurance.

Your customer can also be left wondering, "did they really check every single weld and valve?”

With a properly digitized process you can provide granular detail to your customers on every completed task, simply as a matter of course. You capture it all, and decide what to expose.

4) Personal connection to the team doing the work

When your customers have a more personal connection to the team inspecting their vessel, and benefit from the demonstrated excellence you provide via your digital inspection platform, they know that you and your team of specialists are the team for them.

Additionally, it serves to reinforce confidence in your work when they can see at a glance “Alfonso R.” inspected this weld last week. “Monica B.” tested the VMS.

5) Capitalize on the network effect

Who doesn’t like whipping out a yacht inspection at a cocktail party?

How likely would you be to carry around a pink slip of an audit? How much more likely are you to show your friends a result when you can simply pull out your phone.

It’s probably not the world’s greatest ice breaker, but these things do come up, and it puts your organization at the center of the conversation.

6) Automated Outreach when it is time to renew

Think push notifications and automated calendar invites. Regular and scheduled inspections mean more predictable and frequent revenue.

Your customer’s yachts stays in better shape, and so do your books.

Ready to leap ahead?

Reach out to us and let's chat about moving your yacht inspection process into the 21st century.

Paul Grieselhuber

Paul Grieselhuber

Founder, President

Paul has extensive background in software development and product design. Currently he runs rendr.


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